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PostSubject: RWJK FOR MODERATOR   Sat Sep 08, 2012 11:54 pm

In game username??
Its rwjk Exclamation Exclamation

Co-owner-1server (didnt last long, not enough advertising Crying or Very sad )
Admin-2servers (both were 317 clients)
Mod-4servers (2 of them were 317. One of them was 508, and another was a 718)

yes, i do have them(hehe) mostly its just doing my job, watching the game, muting people that need to be ect. im also good with ids, equipment, object, and npcs. im a little bit of a scripter im not amazing at it but i can do a little.

How often can I play??
I can play almost everyday for about 3-4 hours on weekdays and alot more on weekends(depending on hockey).

What made me apply?
Kevin(he says he knows you?) i havent really figured it out yet Razz

All in all?
i know my way around the commands of the game, im nice, funny(all opinions, you can think otherwise) and trustworthy, i think id be good for the job and one of your friends(I think) seems to think so also Very Happy

hopefully you'll gimme a good look

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